Making gum paste Daffodils – Two Methods

Spring is well and truly here so I’m making some spring inspired cupcakes, together with little gum paste decorations. You’ll obviously need some gum paste for this so if you’re not sure on how to make it, check my post on making gum paste butterflies. The brush embroidery method results in a stylised two dimensional flower, whereas the three dimensional method is more realistic.

Method One – Brush Embroidery Daffodil

Firstly, I coloured my gum paste to a pale yellow. Once you have your gum paste coloured, take small pieces off it to make one flower at a time and leave the rest of the gum paste wrapped in cling film. I’ve recently discovered that using a pasta roller is amazing for rolling out icing really thinly. If you have one, just treat your gum paste the same as pasta dough, so knead it thoroughly and then use the roller and decrease the thickness setting progressively to get the thickness you want. If you don’t have a pasta machine, simply knead your gum paste, and roll it out to a few millimetres thick using a rolling pin.

I made a template of the daffodil petals for this method by drawing around a circular pastry cutter and dividing it into ten segments and then drawing petals which met together at five alternate segments and formed a point in between at the other five alternate segments. Feel free to use a suitable cutter if you have one. To cut the petals, I placed the paper template on top of the rolled gum paste and cut around it with a knife. You can create a more realistic shape by placing the gum paste flowers onto a slightly dished circle, which could be formed from a shallow Yorkshire pudding tin or a polystyrene apple tray. I use a metal dish and tend to make multiple copies of it with tin foil.

Once this dries, use brush embroidery to create the look of petals. If you’re not sure about how to do this, then check out my post of brush embroidery. I mixed a deeper yellow to pipe with to give the flowers more definition and then used a thicker nozzle and drew the icing into the middle to create the daffodil’s characteristic trumpet.

Method Two – Three Dimensional Daffodil

I used white petals on my daffodil but any shade of yellow can be used, just remember that the trumpet should be a deeper or darker shade of yellow or orange. Again, I used the paste machine to roll out the gum paste really thinly and this time used a cutter to create a finer petal. A template could be made out of paper for these petals as with the brush embroidery daffodil.

Allow this petal shape to dry, again using a dished circle to create a better shape if you can. Colour your gum paste for the trumpet and then take a small piece and form a sphere about one and a half centimetres in diameter. Roll this sphere in between your fingers to create a rounded oval shape with is slightly thinner at one end. Flatten the narrow end to form the base of the trumpet and use a cocktail stick to form the trumpet at the wider end. Slowly thin the edges of the trumpet using the cocktail stick, working over any cracks to make them look intentional. I used some yellow dust on this trumpet to give it some more definition but this isn’t necessary.

To secure these two pieces together to form your daffodil, you’ll need some edible glue. This can be bought from cake decoration shops or made from tylo paste, by mixing one part tylo powder with thirty parts water and leaving overnight to form a gel like consistency. Brush the base of the trumpet with edible glue and stick it to the centre of the petals.

These gum paste daffodils are good for a novice (which I am) and make a lovely decoration for cupcakes or larger cakes.

7 Responses to “Making gum paste Daffodils – Two Methods”
  1. How beautiful these flowers are. Really stunning work.

  2. These are incredible! This is something I dream of making someday!


    • They’re really easy to make so you don’t need to make too much effort to make your dreams come true! I’d never made gum paste flowers before these and the ones I photographed were my first attempt, so you really ought to give them a try. Thanks for your lovely comment

  3. Laura Parisi says:

    These are amazing… I’ve never even heard of gum paste!

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