Oatmeal with caramelised apples


I was feeling a little sorry for myself after a visit to the dentist and felt like a treat so I opted for this comforting oatmeal with spiced, caramelised apples. Porridge is a treat for me as I feel making it involves a reassuring amount of cooking and eating it generates real comfort and calm.

I like my porridge to have a mixture of savoury and sweet flavours, so with I added a few pinches of salt to the oatmeal to give it the savoury kick I love, and then topped it off with apples cooked in a lovely cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger caramel. It definitely achieved the desired result and I forgot all about my sore teeth. The recipe can be altered depending on whether you prefer salt or sweet, or whether you are a cinnamon fan or a ginger nut.


500 ml cold water
45 g or 1 and a half oz medium ground oatmeal
1 small apple
1 tablespoon soft brown sugar
half a teaspoon cinnamon
quarter teaspoon nutmeg
three quarter teaspoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon butter


In a medium saucepan, bring the water to the boil. Once the water is boiling, slowly add the oatmeal to the pan, stirring all the time. Add about two pinches of salt if you like a savoury kick to your porridge, or if you prefer a sweeter note, then just add a small pinch of salt to bring out the flavours of the oatmeal. Continue to cook on a high heat, stirring constantly until the oatmeal thickens. Reduce the heat and simmer for around twenty minutes, stirring occasionally. If you prefer your porridge thicker then feel free to cook for a little longer until you have your perfect consistency.

When the oatmeal is nearly cooked, slice the apple thinly and heat a frying pan. Mix together the sugar and spices and evenly coat the apple slices with this mixture. Once the frying pan has heated up, place the sugar coated apple slices into the pan in one layer. Allow one side of the apples to caramelise and the sugar to bubble and then add the butter and toss the apples around in the caramel. Cook this for a further couple of minutes or until the apples are cooked and the caramel is nice and thick.

Taste your oatmeal to check the seasoning and consistency and feel free to cook it for a little longer or add a little more salt if you like. Once cooked to your liking, serve the oatmeal topped with the caramelised apples.

11 Responses to “Oatmeal with caramelised apples”
  1. Love the idea of caramelizing the apples to go with the oatmeal and spice. Comfort food at its finest!

  2. a lil’ bit of salt in my oats is a must! what a wonderful way to recover from the dentist; your caramelized apples make my mouth water!

    • Having oatmeal or a bowl of tomato soup has always been a great antidote to trips to the dentist for me, and making the effort with the caramelised apples made it feel that bit more special and that bit more comforting. Thanks for your comment x

  3. Karen says:

    The soft sweet apples with the oatmeal must have lifted your spirits. I love your little blooming pots near by…that definitely puts a smile on your face.

  4. Somehow I never really grew up eating oatmeal, but am obsessed with it now. So yummy!

  5. sweetlab says:

    This sounds/looks like the perfect treat!

  6. Great minds think alike! I will sometimes add a sliver of salted butter to my oatmeal to give a little richness and salty tang. Your caramelised apples look heavenly too.

  7. makedospend says:

    Yum! Looks amazing. I love porridge, but haven’t had it for a couple of weeks. I sometimes stew cooking apples with a bit of cinnamon to go on top of my porridge/muesli – but will definitely have to try some caramelising for a sweet treat! – B

  8. Laura says:

    Yum. It’s almost lunch time here and all I want is oatmeal. This looks delicious!

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