Hand Decorated Easter Eggs

I can’t say that this easter egg is entirely hand made as I bought the chocolate egg and then added my own piped decorations including piped flowers. Decorating an Easter egg for someone is much more special than just buying something generic from a supermarket as you can personalise it and gear it towards the person that you’re giving it to and the message you want to send.

For piped flowers, you need a really stiff royal icing and small squares of acetate to pipe onto. If you aren’t sure about royal icing, I’ve explained how to make in my post on brush embroidery. Keep adding sifted icing sugar to the royal icing until it’s stiff enough to hold up the spatula or fork you’re stirring it with.

To create a two tone effect, you obviously need two contrasting colours of icing so mix those up and place the royal icing into a piping bag fitted with a petal nozzle. For the two tone effect, place one colour on one side of the bag and the other on the opposite side. I used a pale purple and a white icing for my flowers. For each flower, stick a square of acetate onto a flower nail using a small bit of icing. I don’t actually have one of these so I use my edible dust tubes but you can use a button stuck onto a nail but anything that you can pipe onto and turn around will do.

For a blossom, hold the bag horizontally with the broad side of the petal nozzle at the centre of the nail. If you are right handed, then squeeze the bag and move your right hand in an anti-clockwise direction while you turn the nail clockwise with your left. Move through almost one quarter of a circle and finish the petal with a slicing movement towards the centre of the flower. Keep going with the next four petals, with each one overlapping the previous one. Finish the flower with piped yellow dots in the centre.

For a rose, hold the nozzle vertically and pipe a cone in the centre of the acetate square, which becomes the centre of the flower. Next, pipe the second petal by piping a band around the cone with the nozzle vertical, lifting and lowering as you go and turning the nail clockwise. The third petal is basically the same as the second but you just start slightly higher up on the cone and start on the opposite side. The fourth, fifth and sixth petals are piped with the nozzle held horizontally, with each petal slightly overlapping the previous one.

I used these piped flowers to decorate a few Easter eggs, together with using the gum paste daffodils which I made a few weeks ago.  Decorating an Easter egg is a really nice thing to do for someone and it’s also a fantastic project to improve your piping skills. I found piping onto a wipe clean surface, like a table, really helped me improve my confidence with piping. Improving your ability to squeeze the piping bag consistantly comes through practice and as you develop more confidence, you can lift the nozzle and drop it down to give cleaner lines.

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  1. These are so cool. We love doing eggs… often blow them out and do hand painting. Can’t wait to try this. I love them sitting in the tape!

  2. makedospend says:

    Beautiful work! Your piping skills are superb, what a lovely gift 🙂

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