Spring Fling Cake

I’m posting something which is very out of the ordinary today. You might have noticed that I tend to post on a Monday and a Friday, and always post a tried and tested recipe, with a little back story and hopefully some nice photographs. Today, on the other hand, is a Sunday and instead of posting a recipe, I’m essentially badgering anyone who enjoys my little blog to vote for me in a cake decorating competition.

Movita Beaucoup, who has a wonderful food blog which I often scour for inspiration, is just about to celebrate her fortieth birthday. To celebrate this event and perhaps in some ways cheer herself up after reaching the big 40, she is running a birthday cake competition.

With my little obsession with sugar craft, I felt compelled to enter. I opted for a spring theme and decorated a fruit cake (another recipe from the Grandmother’s cookbook) with white icing, gum paste daffodils and brush embroidery birds sitting on a branch covered in blossom. The birthday cake was actually for my Grandma, who absolutely loved the cake but refused to eat any of the decorations and had to be heavily convinced to cut into the cake. I’ve tried to explain a lot of the techniques I’ve used so if you feel inspired by my cake effort, feel free to take a look at my sugar craft posts, which you’ll be able to find by clicking on the tab on the right hand side of the page. If you’re really impressed and inspired by my work, then please vote for me in the competition

9 Responses to “Spring Fling Cake”
  1. Your cake is awesome! I just voted for you, good luck!

  2. this turned out so wonderfully! i really love brush embroidery but it’s hard for me to find any info about it. can’t wait to see more of your work in the future.

  3. It truly is a thing of beauty and an incredible work of art. One day, folks out there will be paying hundreds for your gorgeous creations 🙂

  4. Just beautiful!! love those flowers, and the care with which you have done it.

  5. Really beautiful. And you even painted those birds. I’m probably going to be in 4th round… but for now I get to vote for you! cheers 🙂

  6. spree says:

    Wow! Simply wonderful and positively beautiful!!

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