Winter Vegetable Minestrone

I wanted to make this winter vegetable minestrone to welcome my mom home from hospital as a bowl of soup always feels like the most nourishing and welcome thing when you’re not feeling one hundred percent. I also wanted to celebrate the vegetables that are available in the depths of midwinter so added parsnips to […]

Freekeh salad

This freekeh salad has a very satisfying nutty flavour, as well as all the cooling freshness you’d want on a hot summer’s day. Freekeh is a cereal crop, middle eastern in origin, which can be used much like rice. I opted for using cracked freekeh for this salad but it is also available whole, which […]

Wild Garlic Pesto and Roast Potatoes

The punchy smell of wild garlic on a slightly wet and miserable day cannot fail to make you think of British Spring time. The weather here can always be relied on to be unreliable. One day will be grey and the rain will pour down, whereas the next will be beautiful and sunny. Huge swaths […]

Spring Sausage Casserole with rice

Serves 3 This sausage casserole is a great spring dish as it has the light and fresh flavours you want now that the days are getting warmer but also the comfort you need for those spring days that remind you that winter wasn’t all that long ago. I’ve also included my fool proof method for […]

Smokey Chilli and Lemon Rice with Lemon zest yogurt

Serves 1 I think the best recipes come out of slight accidents in the kitchen and come from spur of the moment ideas. The sun was shining and the bowl of lemons in my kitchen looked too lovely to resist so I had to immediately incorporate them into my lunch. I felt like having something […]

Oven Baked Chicken and Chorizo Risotto

As much as I love a traditional risotto and even as much as I love standing at the stove and casually stirring something, you can’t really beat a dish, which like this one, which seems just looks after itself and yet packs in a lot of flavour. This oven baked risotto is a very independent […]


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