Kreative Blogger Award

Despite the fact that I have had Big Hungry Gnomes since the start of this year, I am still hugely surprised every time I get complimented on one of my posts and I am even more amazed and massively grateful when someone nominates me for an award. The amazement this time around is courtesy of […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am delighted and massively surprised that my little blog Big Hungry Gnomes received The Versatile Blogger Award. I think my favourite aspect of blogging is getting involved with a whole community of food lovers. Even though I’ve only had Big Hungry Gnomes for a few months, I’m already obsessed with reading food posts and […]

My Second Blog Award

I am delighted and once again astounded that my little blog Big Hungry Gnomes received another Liebster award, this time from the fantastic Acorn in the kitchen, who has a great food blog giving everyone a little taste of Spain, direct from the emerald isle. For my first Liebster award, I was able to nominate […]

My First Blog Award

I am overjoyed and utterly surprised that yesterday my little blog Big Hungry Gnomes received an award from the fantastic Afternoon D’Lite. I’d like to thank her for nominating me for this, together with thanking family and friends for indulging my food obsession. It’s amazing that Afternoon D’Lite would even consider my little blog to be in […]

Let the Food Blog Begin

Having recently started a sugar craft course at a local comunity centre, and having a long term obsession with a food, I have decided to set up a blog detailing my experiments in icing, together with posts on all things food related.  I should be producing a post on brush embrodery which is a sugar craft […]


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