Lemon and Lime Curd

This fresh lemon and lime curd is the perfect antidote to a grey and damp day. It’s yellow hue and sharp tang from the zest and juice of lemons and limes conjures up a little bit of sunshine. Making curd is incredibly simple and homemade lemon and lime curd is lovely spread over a piece […]

Gravlax with beetroot and cucumber

This salad of Gravlax salmon with beetroot and cucumber was inspired by the height of summer and the arrival of the season’s incredible vegetables. The earthiness of beetroot, both in sweet, roasted chunks and in crisp, raw slices, is balanced by the sharpness of lightly pickled young cucumber and the piquancy of capers. Curing salmon is […]

Smoked Herring, Fennel and Apple Salad

This summer salad brings together deliciously oily smoked herring, aniseed fennel, crisp and sharp apple and seasonal British lettuce. Like the coriander and lime pickled cucumber rice salad I made a few weeks ago, this dish is ludicrously simple but wonderfully light and punchy, which is ideal for the heat wave we’re currently experiencing. If you’re […]

Coriander and Lime pickled cucumber salad

This summer salad is designed to celebrate the fresh flavours of lime and coriander together with honouring the triumph beautifully cooked basmati rice. One of the greatest things about food is that you never stop learning and evolving the way that you cook it. For even the most basic food stuffs, there are countless cooking […]

Peanut Butter Fudge

Inspired by a beautiful post from Make, Do and Spend, I felt compelled to write a letter to someone. The ease and instantaneousness of email and text messaging make the letter seem slow and unreliable, but there is nothing like returning home to an unexpected envelope scrawled with hand writing you immediately recognise. Letters are […]


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