Billionaire’s Shortbread

Makes 25 squares The shortbread for this recipe comes from my mum’s hand written recipe book, where she has only listed the ingredients and a gas oven temperature. The recipe goes back three generations to my Grandma and, for as long as I can remember, my mom and I have spent Christmas eve baking it. […]

Cheese Savouries

Makes 28 These biscuits are wonderfully crisp, with a slight chewiness given by the pieces of parmesan and sharp chedder running through the dough. These are great as they are but you can also add any additional flavours you fancy. Something with a gentle, smokey heat like garlic or parika works well, or something savoury […]

Orange and Cardamom Runout Biscuits

These orange and cardamom biscuits are similar to classic gingerbread and are perfect for icing onto as they retain their shape and don’t spread too much when baked. The combination of cardamom and orange in these works really well. The cardamom gives a subtle warm heat and compliments the freshness of the orange zest, and […]

Iced Easter Speculaas Biscuits

These shortbread like Easter biscuits are an adapted version of the Dutch Speculaas biscuits, which are heavily spiced, flavoured with candied peel and traditionally eaten at the beginning of December. To give a fresher, more spring like taste, I substituted the candied mixed peel with fresh lemon zest, but kept all of those lovely spices […]

Nuts about Gingernuts

As a huge ginger fan and slightly compulsive eater of these super crunchy and wonderfully gingery biscuits, I thought I’d share my favourite recipe for gingernuts, based on one by the eternally fantastic Delia Smith. The recipe makes 16 biscuits and I recon a batch can be made from start to finish in less than […]


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