Winter Vegetable Minestrone

I wanted to make this winter vegetable minestrone to welcome my mom home from hospital as a bowl of soup always feels like the most nourishing and welcome thing when you’re not feeling one hundred percent. I also wanted to celebrate the vegetables that are available in the depths of midwinter so added parsnips to […]

Carrot, Bean and Tapenade salad

A raw root vegetable salad is one of my winter staples. In this particular one, the sweetness of grated parsnips and carrots is counterbalanced with a potent tapenade. In the darkest depth of winter, you sometimes need a little reminder that summer is only a few months away. Sharp lemon, piquant capers, fragrant parsley and […]

Roast beetroot, warm lentil and goat’s cheese salad

The recent cold snap has made me crave really hearty meals, with this warm vegetarian salad being no different. The sweet flavour of the roasted beetroots and onions is brought out with an intense balsamic vinegar warm dressing, which coats the vegetables and earthy puy lentils and mixes with the slightly warmed and oozing goat’s […]

Braised Red Cabbage with Bacon and Apple

Serves 4 This cabbage recipe is actually my Dad’s speciality. For some reason, he is never overly confident with taking the lead in the kitchen, despite being a great cook, and always assumes the role of the invaluable sous chef, happy to tackle a mountain of chopping or washing up for that matter. On the […]


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