Spring Nicoise Salad

This spring nicoise salad is a way of celebrating the bright yellow of early spring. The bitterness of Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco, the crisp freshness of cucumber, the soft richness of boiled eggs and the bite of capers and anchovies all combine to make a lovely light lunch. Serves 1 Ingredients 2 eggs bitter leaves (I used Radicchio Variegato […]

Sprouted quinoa falafel

Apparently sprouting grains makes them easier to digest and allows their nutrients to be more easily absorbed. Apparently quinoa has superpowers. So that means these sprouted quinoa falafel have super powerful superpowers. The earthy heat of the cumin and coriander bring out the nuttiness of the sprouted quinoa and the fresh coriander, lemon and carrot give […]

Griddled Peach, Pea and Mozzarella salad

This griddled peach, pea and mozzarella salad is a wonderful celebration of the height of summer. The sweetness of home grown peas is brought out by the sweetness of ripe peach. Charring the slices of peach on a cast iron griddle gives them a slightly more savoury flavour and the milky saltiness of the mozzarella […]

Coriander and Lime pickled cucumber salad

This summer salad is designed to celebrate the fresh flavours of lime and coriander together with honouring the triumph beautifully cooked basmati rice. One of the greatest things about food is that you never stop learning and evolving the way that you cook it. For even the most basic food stuffs, there are countless cooking […]

Roast beetroot, warm lentil and goat’s cheese salad

The recent cold snap has made me crave really hearty meals, with this warm vegetarian salad being no different. The sweet flavour of the roasted beetroots and onions is brought out with an intense balsamic vinegar warm dressing, which coats the vegetables and earthy puy lentils and mixes with the slightly warmed and oozing goat’s […]

Winter cabbage salad with flame roasted peppers

Serves 1 as a main or two as a starter The powerful flavours of this light winter salad are ideal for the post Christmas period, when you’ve finally become tired of festive indulgence and yearn for something a little healthier. The gentle heat of the garlic in the dressing should help to banish any remnants […]

Roasted Corn Salad with basil oil

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Serves 2 This simple corn salad was partially inspired by for the love of yum‘s lovely End of Summer Corn and Potato Salad with Red Chilies. Nadia’s post beautifully describes a drive from Toronto to Rhode Island, littered with tempting farm stands and fields upon fields of fresh corn, which encouraged […]

Spiced Butternut and Carrot Soup with quick naan bread

Serves 2 It would appear that my posts about spring arriving were slightly premature. The weather seems to have taken a turn for the worst, with each day being more grey and miserable than the last. To bring a little colour and sunshine back into my week, I thought I’d cook this lightly spiced roasted butternut squash […]


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